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Our business is structured to exclude the need for middle-men, enabling us to keep our costs down and our products highly competitive.

We search Europe and Asia for direct sources of exceptional fabrics and accessories – allowing us to keep costs down, despite manufacturing our products using high quality materials.

And, as each of our garments is produced in either our own or our directly controlled accredited factories, we have complete control over the quality and production cost of every garment that we create.


With a reputation that’s built on quality, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that everything we produce is of the very highest standard.

Our team of 7 Quality Control specialists are employed directly by Pentex UK and work in every country we manufacture in. By operating closely with and reporting back to the Quality Control team in London, our specialists ensure that every garment we produce is manufactured to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements.

With an extensive and influential client base, we are proud that our fabric suppliers have been accredited by Arcadia, Next and M&S, and our factories have been audited by Arcadia, SGS and Warehouse.

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